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Updated May 25, 2020

One cannot ignore Virginia when engaging in GILLIAM research. As on can see form the 1840 Census, most Gilliams lived in Virginia and those states that bordered Virginia.

Information on this website is arranged by County and then within in each County by type of source document—Chancery Causes, Deeds, Wills, etc. These sources are listed alphabetically.

Each page begins with
County Formation and Background and information on the early Parishes of that particular County.

Genealogical information is summarized in a County

Occasionally, following a particular record, explanatory information will be included.
Such "editorial" comments are set off in brackets [...].

Information on names similar to GILLIAM are, at times, included for clarity's sake. For example, the Gilmans of Hanover County may be found on the Hanover County Page.

Each County Page concludes with a list of

Preceding the list of Virginia County Pages in the Side Bar is . . .
  • What's New you will find a list of new pages
  • Search, where you will be able to search the entire site.
  • Foundations you will find information about the spelling and pronunciation of the name as well as the coat of arms.
  • County Formation speaks to the importance of looking at the history of a counties geography as County lines often change and as Counties have often split during Virginia's history.
  • Fact or Fiction addresses some of the most common Gilliam genealogical errors
  • Allied Families you will find information on families that married into the Gilliams of Virginia and/or used the surname Gilliam as a given name.
  • Given Names traces a given name through Virginia records
  • The Topical Pages compiles statewide information by topic such as all the Gilliam land patents and grants

These pages have a

Following the Virginia County Pages in the Side Bar is . . .
  • City/State/Country Pages documenting Virginian Gilliams that have removed to other states

These pages have a GREEN SIDEBAR

The following icon indicates that I have on file a copy of the original document.

(See Halifax County, Will of Richard Gilliam, Inventory of Richard Gilliam, Account of Sale of Estate of Richard Gilliam)

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