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Amherst County was named for Major Jeffery Amherst, British commander in North America during the French and Indian War and governor of Virginia from 1759 to 1768.  It was formed from
Albemarle County in 1761.  Its area is 470 square miles, and the county seat is Amherst.

Amherst Parish, 1761
Lexington Parish, 1778

Amherst County was settled by the younger sons of William GILLIAM and Mary Jarratt of New Kent County, VA: William and Mary's sons, Archelaus, John and Jarratt GILLIAM, married women who had roots in Amherst. Each left Wills in Amherst County and may be found in the 1815 Landowner's Directory. Archelaus' pension application states that he was born on the Tye River.

Later, a Stephen GILLIAM, son of Robert GILLIAM and Priscilla Mosby of Charlotte County, settles in the Madison Heights area of Amherst. His family is found in the 1860 Federal Census, he died that year and may be found in the Mortality Schedules of 1860. A survey of his family cemetery may be found in WPA Virginia Historical Inventory, "The Old GILLIAM Cemetery," #22 by W. C. Crewe, November 23, 1936.

Old GILLIAM Cemetery, Madison Heights
WPA Virginia Historical Inventory, 23 Nov 1936
[Possibly others are buried at cemetery. However, it appears that some of the above dates are not accurate: children are born over a 40 year period—William in 1825 and Ernest in 1863. Also according to the Mortality Schedule of 1860, Stephen died that year, three years before the reported birth of Ernest.]

John GILLIAM 4 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 7
George Morris 2 1 1 0 1 3 2 1 1 0 0 6
Samuel Burks (SD) 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 2
James Taylor 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0
Thomas Taylor 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Jarrett GILLIAM 2 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 2

Archibald GILLIAM 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 2 0 1 0 11
William Roach 1 0 0 1 0 2 2 0 1 0 0 4
George Roach 0 0 0 1 0 3 0 0 1 0 0 4
Ashcraft Roach 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 5

William, Jr is found selling land in Amherst Co., VA in 1773, but was residing in Bedford Co., VA at the time.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

13 Jan 1800
Archer Rowsey, Amherst County, to William Noell, Amherst County, 420 acres both sides of Pedlar; Lines: Camden, Robertson, Howard, Samuel Hogg, Hartless, Campbell
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

28 Aug 1807
Isham Davis and wife Elizabeth, and Elizabeth Davis, Lexington parish, Amherst County to Josiah Ellis, Amherst County £1000, 418 acres in Lexington Parish on Pedlar, branch of James River. Lines: James Davis, Archibald GILLIAM, Jonathan GILLIAM, Charles Burks, near the road, Charles Burks, Sr., Wit: Richard S. Ellis, Thomas Morris, P. Thurman, Joseph Duncan, Joseph Bibb, Joseph Tankersley, Samuel Burks, Martin Bibb. Final proof by Martin Bibb, 19 Jun 1809.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

20 Feb 1808? (see below)
Nicholas C. Davis and wife, Elizabeth, of Amherst County to Henry Roach of Amherst County, £30, 28.5 acres. Lines: Ashcraft Roach, N. Manson, grantee, J. GILLIAM, Jarret GILLIAM
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

8 Jun 1808
Henry Lane, Sr., Amherst County to Thomas N. Eubank, Amherst County, Deed of Trust, Debt to Jonathan and Richard S. Ellis, $1.00, slaves. Witnesses: Jonathan Lucas, William Howard, Richard H. Burks, Henry Brown, Jarret GILLIAM, Thomas Moore, Armistead Rucker, Abram Carter. To Jonathan Ellis, 24 Mar 1813
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

20 Feb 1809
Nicholas C. Davies and wife, Elizabeth, of Amherst County to Ashcraft Roach of Amherst for £120, 113.5 acres. Lines: Jonathan GILLIAM, Jonathan Burks, old field, Archelaus GILLIAM, grantee.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

15 Oct 1810.
Obadiah Martin and wife, Nancy, of Rockbridge, to Archy GILLIAM, Amherst County…$396.00. Two tracts South side Pedlar. 1. Pat, to Nathaniel Henderson, 140 acres. 2. To said Martin for 150 acres and other for 106 acres—total of 396 acres.
Lines: Samuel Hogg, Benjamin Taliaferro, William Paxton, James Martin, Richard L. Ellis, Jonathan Ware. Sent to Archy GILLIAM 6 September 1813.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

11 Jul 1811
Whitaker Carter, Amherst county to Thomas Wills, Amherst County $4000, 536 acres in Albemarle on Moore’s Creek and northside Carter’s Mountain. Lines: William Dunmore, James Monroe, GILLIAM, Benagh, Gentry. Bought by Whitaker Carter of William Hening and also conveyed to Hill Carter, Amherst County by Whitaker Carter and recorded in Albemarle. Wit: Thomas Aldridge, Hudson M. Garland, Peachy Franklin.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

2 Mar 1812
Jonathan GILLIAM and wife, Mary, Amherst County, to Jonathan Ellis, Amherst County. $225, 45 acres. Lines: grantee Charles Burks, Archy GILLIAM.
Wit: Abram Carter, Jonathan Richeson, Thomas Lain, Richard Eubank.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

12 Mar 1813
Jonathan and Richard L. Ellis, Amherst County, to Archibald GILLIAM, Jr., Amherst County, £60, 103 acres both sides Pedlar, Lines: river and a branch.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

12 Apr 1816
Jonathan GILLIAM and wife Mary, Amherst County, to William Roach, Amherst County, $1072.50, 143 acres. Lines: grantor, McCulloch, Richard Burks, old field, grantee.
Wit: Rowland P. Burks, William A. GILLIAM.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

10 Oct 1816
Jonathan Burks and wife, Elizabeth, Rockbridge, to Richard L Ellis, Amherst County, $4225, 422.5 acres, Waters of Pedlar, Lines; grantee, Charles Burks, Sr., Samuel Burks, Jonathan Ellis, James David, David Burks, Sr.,
Wit: Nathaniel D. Burks, Thomas N. Eubank, Joshua L. Ellis, Martin Parks, George Burks, son of David, William Shelton, Jonathan GILLIAM.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

8 Oct 1816
Archibald GILLIAM, Amherst County, to children of my daughter, Elizabeth Slaughter, Kanawha, slave to them.
Wit: Nathaniel Burks, James GILLIAM, John GILLIAM, Archelaus GILLIAM, Jr.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

18 Oct 1816
Archillus GILLIAM Amherst County, to James Rowley, Amherst County. £84, 193 acres both sides Pedlar. To James Rowley. 21 Jul 1817.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

5 Aug 1817
Richard Millner and wife Patsy, Amherst County to Richard L. Ellis, Amherst County $4776.75, 434.5 acres Pedlar. Lines: grantee, William Mitchell, Thomas GILLIAM, Wincanton, Samuel Guest, deceased. Wit: Joshua Ellis, James Eubank, Jonathan Ellis, Tarpley Mitchell, Rodney M. Thornton, Josiah Ellis. To Richard L. Ellis, 1819. Page 33 order to Amherst County Justices of the Peace to quiz Martha Millner, Done by Jonathan Ellis, and James Ware on same day.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

28 Aug 1817
Charles C. Carter, Nelson County to Jonathan Bullock, Deed of Trust, debt to Charles Crawford, Lynchburg, £5, 460 acres, Horsey and whereon Crawford lived for many years. Lines: Richard Millner, William Thurmond, Richard Jones, William Jopling, Jonathan Crawford, Caleb Ralls, Thom. S. GILLIAM,
Wit: Nelson Crawford, Jonathan Pryor, Jonathan McDaniel, Charles Taliaferro.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

31 Oct 1817
Larkin Bias and wife Mary, Amherst County, to George P. Luck, Amherst County, $3400, 340 acres. Lines: Samuel Gist, deceased, south bank Pedlar, Edward Harper, Fleming H. Duncan, George Morris, Sr., David Burks, Joshua S. Ellis, Cedar Creek.
Wit: Peter P. Thornton, Fleming H. Duncan, Archer GILLIAM, Robert Millner. To T. N. Eubank, 19 Nov 1818.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

9 Oct 1818
Charles Roach and wife Elizabeth, Rockbridge County to Henry Roach, Amherst County, $651, 108.5 acres, lot of Charles Roach from father, Ashcraft Roach, in division of estate. Lines: Archilus GILLIAM, William Roach, Benjamin Kelly, (now George Roach), Henry Roach, Daniel Peyton, all of Charles’ share. Rockbridge Justices of the Peace: Joseph Gilmore and Joseph Cloyd, same day as to Elizabeth.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

22 Oct 1818
Jonathan Burks, Jr., and wife Elizabeth, Rockbridge, to Jonathan Ellis, Amherst County, $3075, 205 acres Pedlar. Lines: grantee, Archibald GILLIAM, Daniel Peyton, old field, Jarrett GILLIAM, tract sold by Jonathan P. Burks, to Captain James Davis.
Wit: Charles L. Christian, Andrew Moreland, Thomas Lain, Samuel Burks.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

14 Jul 1819
Stith Mead and wife, Prudence, of Amherst county to William Robinson and Chiswell Dabney, a Deed of Trust; debt to James GILLIAM, Lynchburg, on bond to Bank of Virginia. $1.00. Tract where Stith Mead lives, 233 acres; four small tracts: 48.75 acres bought from Henry Tenison; 128 acres bought from William Williams; 41.34 acres bought from Lucy Robinson; 14.5 acres bought from Lorenzo Dow and wife Peggy, 11, Mar 1814.
Witnesses: Abram R. North, Jonathan T. Mason, William H. Clark. Lynchburg Justices of the Peace. Henry Davis and Chris Winfree, as to Prudence, 24 Aug 1819. To W. Norvell, 13 Jun 1822.
[Stith Mead is said to have introduced Methodism in Lynchburg. He converted to Methodism in 1789. Trained as a blacksmith, he devoted most of his life to the ministry. He was President at 1st Methodist board of trustees meeting, 1802, and helped organize the construction of the first church within the town limits in 1805. Mead organized a camp meeting on May 15, 1807, which was described as the greatest gathering of people and preachers ever seen in this part of the country and resulted in a great religious awakening. Lorenzo Dow, a famous evangelist, described Lynchburg as “the seat of Satan’s kingdom” due to the vast numbers of taverns in Lynchburg during this period.]
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

19 Jul 1819
Daniel Peyton and wife, Mary, Kentucky, to William Mitchell, Amherst County, $1.00, 100 acres James River, Lines: Henry Roach, Jarret GILLIAM—known as Lewis Place. Acknowledged in Amherst County by wife, same day. To Wiatt Duncan per William Mitchell’s order, 29 Sep 1829.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

8 Jan 1822
Commissioners: Thomas N. Eubank, Jarrat GILLIAM, James Waugh, in estate of Jonathan GILLIAM, deceased. Division of slaves to Nancy Burks, formerly GILLIAM heirs, Samuel and Alford Burks, heirs of Judith Davis: Jonathan and Madison Davis. Slaves to Jonathan P. GILLIAM, Polly and Elizabeth, called two daughters, Mansion house tract to William A. for widow’s dower, Jonathan P. GILLIAM, 85 acres, Elizabeth GILLIAM, 81.5 acres.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

14 Jun 1822
William Robinson and Chiswell Dabney, Amherst County, trustee in Deed of Trust from Stith Mead, 14 Jul 1819. . . Mead releases James GILLIAM who signs. Wit: W. Norvell, 233 acres.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

20 Jul 1822
Stith Mead, Amherst County, to Robert Mims and Stephen S. Duiguid, Lynchburg. . . . Deed of Trust, $1.00; all interest in land sold Jonathan Richeson, Amherst County, 11.5 sold to Christopher and William I. Isbell with blacksmith shop; also 90.25 acres bought from Samuel Steel; two lots on half acres each in Madison Town; Lucy Robinson’s land; three acres bought from Lewis Robinson; 32 acres in Henrico near Richmond; six slaves; blacksmith tools, library, watch, furniture, etc., To protect James GILLIAM on bond to James Taliaferro. Reuben Norvell and James L. Lamkin, Justices of the Peace.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

24 Jan 1823
Henry Roach, Amherst County to Henry Landon Roach, Amherst County, $1.00 and love for his son, Henry Landon Roach, 125 acres. Lines: George Roach, Henry Roach, grantee’s house, William Mitchell, Archibald GILLIAM, William Roach, Wilderness Creek. Thomas N. Eubank and Jonathan Ellis, Justices of the Peace.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

6 Jun 1827
Jonathan P. GILLIAM, Botetourt, 1) Jonathan W. Young and Moore F. Carter, Amherst County, 2) Ezekiel B. Gilbert, Amherst County, 3) Ezekiel B. Gilbert on bond to administrator of Jonathan GILLIAM, $1.00, all interest in estate of Richard Jones, and of his father, Jonathan GILLIAM—life estate to Mary, widow. Thomas N. Eubank and Charles L. Barrett, Justices of the Peace.
Amherst County, VA, Deed Book ___, Page ___

Guardian Bonds
18 Feb 1833
Guardian Bond, Sarah Roach as guardian of Sarah GILLIAM, infant of Archelaus GILLIAM.
Bondsmen: Geo. S. Pleasants, Nichl. Shumaker, Wm H. McCullough
Amherst County, VA, Book 8, Page 302

15 Mar 1824
Guardian Bond Wm. H. GILLIAM, Will Jopling and R. N. Eubank on March 15, 1824, for Wm. GILLIAM as guardian of Eliz. GILLIAM, orphan of Jno. GILLIAM, deceased
Amherst County, VA, Book 6, Page 448

20 Jan 1862
Guardian Bond, A. S. GILLIAM, January 20, 1862, as guardian of Jas. R. GILLIAM; no parent set forth.
Bondsman; Mary E. Beck.
Amherst County, VA, Book 16, Page 108

Heads of Household
GILLUM, Archibald
3 white
2 black
GILLIAM, Archelus
4 white
0 black
3 white
0 black

1815 Landowner's Directory
GILLIAM, Archibald, Jr., 20N
GILLIAM, Archibald, 10NW
GILLIAM, Jarratt, 14SW
GILLIAM, John, Maple Creek, 18W
[Directions and distances are measured from the Courthouse.]
Ward, Roger G. 1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners (and Gazetteer) Volume 1, Central Region. Athens, GA: Iberian Pub. Co., 1997.

18 Aug 1794
GILLIAM, James, bachelor, and Susanna Penn, spinster, August. 18, 1794.
Randolph Profitt, surety. Consent of her step-father and mother, John and Ann Savage.

24 Oct 1803
Know all Men by these presents that we Robert L. Slaughter & Richard GILLIAM are held and firmly bound unto John Page, Esq. Governor of Virginia for the Time being & to his Successors in Office for the use of the said commonwealth in the sum of one hundred & Fifty Dollars to which payment well & Truly to be made we find ourselves Jointly & firmly by these
presents Sealed with our seals & Dated this 24 day of October 1803. The condition of the above obligation is such that Were as there is a marriage intended shortly to be had & solemnized between the above bound Robert L. Slaughter and Elizabeth GILLIAM now if there should be no Legal cause to obstruct the said marriage then the above obligation to the void also to remain in full force & Virtue
Robert L. Slaughter (Seal)

Signed & Ack in Presence of Arc GILLIAM

To the Clerk of Amherst County I Archelus GILLIAM of Amherst County have this Day Given my Daughter Elizabeth in Marriage to Robert L. Slaughter of Bedford as witness my hand and seal this seventy second Day of October one thousand Eight hundred and three
Archelus GILLIAM (Seal) Teste
Richard GILLIAM +
John Miles
Marriage Register 1, Page 169 Amherst County Circuit Court Clerk's Office

Bounty Land of Devereaux GILLIAM

22 Oct 1836
Died, On Saturday, Oct. 22, at his residence in Amherst County, Archelaus GILLIAM, Sen'r, in his 82d year, a soldier the Revolution.
Lynchburg Virginian, p. 3, c. 1, Monday, October 31, 1836.

22 Oct 1836
GILLIAM, Archelaus, Sr., died Oct 22, 1836, in Amherst Co. He joined the Revolution, at it commencement and was engaged in 13 different conflicts, and aided in most of the severe engagements, including those of Saratoga, Princeton, and Monmouth.
National Intelligencer, 4 Nov 1836

Pensions, Revolutionary
8 Apr 1833
Pension of Archelaus GILLIAM
Served Virginia Line, applied 8 Apr 1833 from Amherst County VA at age 78, he was born 1754 on Tye River in Albemarle County VA where he lived at enlistment.
Revolutionary War Pension Application, Archelaus Gilliam, S8567

18 Jan 1846
Pension of John GILLIAM
Revolutionary War Pension Application, John Gilliam, W5282

Pensions, Confederate
Confederate Pension Rolls, Veterans and Widows
Act of 1888
GILLIAM, Cornelius B, Soldier
GILLIAM, John M, Soldier
Act of ??
GILLIAM, Elizabeth, Widow
Act of 1900
GILLIAM, James D, Soldier
Library of Virginia. Confederate Pension Rolls, Veterans and Widows

Confederate Disability Applications and Receipts, Acts of 1882, 1883, 1884, 1886-87.
dated 25 Feb 1884, filed 9 Jun 1886
GILLIAM, Cornelius
29 Apr 1884
GILLIAM, William A.
12 Apr 1884
Library of Virginia. Confederate Disability Applications and Receipts, Acts of 1882, 1883, 1884, 1886-87.

Aged Twins Get Mixed: Case of Mistaken Identity in Court Puts the Joke on the Judge
Lynchburg, VA, Oct 21—In the Circuit Court at Amherst Courthouse, on Tuesday, an amusing incident occurred in which to aged residents of Bedford County were the principals, but which, when explained caused Judge Gordon to forget his dignity and enjoy a good laugh at his own expense.
A case in ejectment was being tried and James GILLIAM, 85 years old, had testified for the defense. When the witnesses for the plaintiff were called in rebuttal, apparently Mr. GILLIAM presented himself again to testify. He was told by clerk Sandidge to stand aside, and when he ailed to do so, Judge Gordon repeated the order, declaring that he had already testified for the defendants.
Still the aged witness hesitated and the Judge impatiently repeated his command.
"But your Honor," chimed in the aged witness. "I have not testified. The other witness was my twin brother."
Such proved to be the case and a general laugh followed. The two men were seen to look so much alike that it needed a close scrutiny to tell them apart.
The land involved in the ejectment suit formerly belonged to the mother of the twins and they had been summoned from their home in Bedford County to said in the settlement of a disputed boundary line.
[James Edith Dabney GILLIAM's twin was Cornelius Barnes GILLIAM.James and Cornelius was the twin sons of Stephen Rice GILLIAM and Edith Elizabeth Godsey. James and Cornelius were born 29 Jul 1838 in Charlotte County, VA. According to the 1910 Census James was age 72 and Cornelius was 71, not quite the 85 given above.]
"Aged Twins," Daily Progress, Petersburg, VA, 22 Oct 1910.

10 May 1771
"Col. Harris who visited these parts in 1767 and made very serious impressions on the minds of the people. About the same time Dutton Lane and Thomas Hargate seconded his efforts and many were baptized viz. James Menniest and wife, James Menniest, Junr. and wife, William Whiteside and wife, Benj. Menniest and wife, Sarah White, Thomas Leviston and wife, James Matthews and wife, Joseph Bellinger and wife, John Duncan, James Cull, Eleanor Wade, Hannah Wade, and their mother, James Coffee and wife, Joseph King, two women of the Barnets, Devroux Gillam and wife. These 27 persons were on May 10, 1771, formed into a church by means of said Col. Harris."
Morgan Edwards. Materials Towards a History of the Baptists, Volume 2.

[Morgan Edwards (1722-1795) was a Baptist historian who journeyed from New Hampshire to Georgia gathering facts for a history of the Baptists. Although his work was not completed, his "Materials Towards a History of the Baptists" is one of the most valuable Baptist records in our country. From his work we learn that Devereaux and Edith were instrumental in forming the early Baptist of Amherst. The Amherst Baptist Church consisted of four branches; one by Buffalo River, where was built in 1771 a house 36 feet by 18, on land given by James Menniest; another branch at Tick River [sic /Tye River]; another at Rockfish River; another at Pedlar River.

It appears that Devereaux was rather ecumenical. It is likely he grew up attending the Anglican Church, then in Amherst, he is involved with the Baptist Church. In Knox County, TN, probably the first Presbyterian meeting of the area was held at GILLIAM's Station in 1789 or 1790. Rev. Hezekiah Balch and Rev. Samuel Carrick were preachers there. (GILLIAM's Station, was the house/fort/trading station of Devereaux GILLIAM. Later a Presbyterian church, Lebanon In the Fork, was dedicated adjacent to GILLIAM's Station, and Reverend Carrick was appointed as the church's first pastor.)]

Personal Property Taxes

1782 Personal Property Taxes, District 1
Archillaus GILLIAM, 1 white tithe, 1 black tithes, 2 cattle, 2 horses, Tax 5.1.9

1790, Personal Property B
GILLUM, Archibald

1800, Lexington Parish/District
Peter P. Thornton, Commissioner
GILLIAM, Archerbald, 1 males >21, 4 horses, 2 slaves >16, 1 slaves 12-16
GILLIAM, Jarrett, 1 males >21, 1 horse, 3 slaves >16, 1 slave 12-16
GILLIAM, John, 1 males >21, 4 horses, 3 slaves >16, 0 slaves 12-16

Wills, Estates, Inventories
17 Jun 1796
Will of Susannah Beckley
My nine children: Hannah Haynes, Eliz. GILLIAM, Susannah Wright, Josiah Ellis, Mariann Carter, Chas. Ellis, Sally Harrison, Bethena Leftwich, Rosey? Davies, my daughters and their daughters
Exec. Son, Josiah Ellis, Roderick McCullouch, and Jno. Burke.
Wit: Thos. Moore, Sally Moore, Jno Goodrich
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 6, Page 59

1 Mar 1821
Will of John GILLIAM
Ux, Mary, mansion house; daughter Anne's orphan sons: Saml. and Alfred Burks . . . until of age. To get 2 years of education. Daughter, Judith's two orphan sons: Madison and John Davis. Daughter: Mary Jarret GILLIAM; daughter, Eliz. Porter GILLIAM. My four living children: Jno. Patterson GILLIAM; Wm. Anderson GILLIAM; Mary Jarret and Eliz. Porter GILLIAM - if without issue.
Executors: Ux, Mary; sons, Jno. Patterson and Wm. Anderson GILLIAM, and friend, Capt. Jas. Davis.
Witnesses: Ezek. B. Gilbert, Jas. GILLIAM, Fleming H. Duncan.
May 21, 1821, probated.
[In Davis, Mary Jarrett reads Mary Janet.]
Amherst County, VA, Will Book ___, page ___

21 May 1821
Administrator's Bond, Jno. GILLIAM,
Jno. P. and Wm. A, GILLIAM
Bondsmen: Jno. Ellis and Ezek. B. Gilbert.
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 6, Page 225

8 Oct 1821
Inventory of John GILLIAM
Thos. N. Eubank, Wm. H. McCullough; Jas. Waugh.
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 6, Page 283

19 Mar 1822
Division of Estate of John GILLIAM
Heirs of Nancy Burks, formerly Nancy GILLIAM; heirs of Judith Davis, Madison and Jno. Davis; Jno. P., Wm. A.; Polly and Eliz. GILLIAM; widow, Mary.
Thos. N. Eubank; Jarratt GILLIAM; Jas. Waugh.
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 6, Page 307

15 Mar 1824
Guardian Bond, Elizabeth GILLIAM
Wm. H. GILLIAM, Will Jopling, and R. N. Eubank for Wm. GILLIAM as guardian of Eliz. GILLIAM, orphan of Jno. GILLIAM deceased.
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 6, Page 448

24 Dec 1832
Will of Jarratt GILLIAM,
Daughter, Mary Talor Burks; my four youngest children: Wm. Whiting GILLIAM; Ro. Jarratt GILLIAM; Eliza Davis GILLIAM; Chas. Davis GILLIAM.
Executors: Wm. W. and Ro. J. GILLIAM.
Witnesses: Wm. A. GILLIAM, Jas. GILLIAM, Roderick Waugh.
Proved by GILLIAM witnesses. Wm. W. GILLIAM qualified.
Bondsmen: Thos. N. Eubank; Rich. S. Ellis; Wm. Haynes.
Rec. 17 Jun 1833
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 8, Page 322

18 Feb 1833
Guardian Bond for Sarah GILLIAM
Sarah Roach as guardian of Sarah GILLIAM, infant of Archelaus GILLIAM.
Bondsmen: Geo S. Pleasants, Nichl. Shumaker, Wm. H. McCulloch.
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 8, Page 302

6 Nov 1834
Land division of Jarratt GILLIAM by Josiah Ellis, Jas. Davis, and Geo. Burks
Jno. Pryor, surveyor - 235-1/2 acres.
To his children (1) Mansion house - 36 acres to Wm. W. GILLIAM; (2) Barn lot - 74 acres - to Chas. D. GILLIAM; (3) 62-3/4 acres to Ro. J. GILLIAM; (4) Buck Branch - 62-3/4 acres to Eliza D. GILLIAM, ux of Wm. A. GILLIAM.
Plat on Page 149 - waters of Buck Creek and Lewis Spring branch; tributary of Pedlar.
Lines: heirs of Jno. Ellis; Jas, Davis; Thos. H. Morris; Geo. P. (S.) Burks; Thos. N. Eubank; Elvira Jane Roach, and 1-1/2 miles from James River.
Recorded 21 Dec, 1835.
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 9, Page 148

5 Jun 1835
Administrator's Account of Jarratt GILLIAM
Wm. W. GILLIAM, Executor, from Beverly Davies, Geo. T. Pleasants, Nelson C. Dawson.
Rec 21 Nov 1836
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 9, Page 265

Will of Archelaus GILLIAM, Sr.
Book 9, Page 267
21 Nov 1836
Administrator's Bond Jas. GILLIAM
Bondsmen: Thos. N. Eubank and Lindsey Davis.
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 9, Page 275

17 Dec 1836
Inventory of Archelaus GILLIAM, Sr. on order of November last
Capt. Jas. Davis; Wm. Roach; Jno. D. Davis.
Total: $3,057.00
Amherst County, VA, Will Book ___, Page ___

19 Oct 1840
Administrator's Bond, Mary GILLIAM,
Wm. and Jas. GILLIAM for Wm. GILLIAM
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 11, Page 450

30 Aug 1845
Will of Archelaus GILLIAM
Ux, Eliz. J. D. - 200 acres where I live; my 5 children: Jas. F.; Jno. D.Q.S.N.; Thos. E.: Mildred Mary Eliz. and Judith Anna Dawson GILLIAM - my half interest in Pedlar land next to Geo. Morris - 300 acres. Ux to administer.
Witnesses: Jos. Harmer; Jas. Byas -"of Larkin Byas" - Alford Byas; M. M. Byas.
Proved by Harmer and Alford and Wm. Byas.
Rec. 16 Oct 1848
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 12, Page 70

18 Oct 1852
Administrator's de bonis non Bond. Jas. GILLIAM.

Bondsman: Jas. B. Davis.
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 13, Page 13

12 Jun 1857
Capt. Danl. E. Bailey who married Judith F., daughter of my sister, Mary J. Waugh may buy my 2 tracts: (1) 135 acres where I live; (2) 160 acres bought of Jno. P. and Wm. A. GILLIAM. Executors may sell, if he declines.
Sisters: Mary J. Waugh and Eliz. Slaughter, widow of Ro. L. Slaughter of Missouri Children of deceased sister, Judith Dawson of Missouri. Children of deceased brother, Archelaus GILLIAM: Jno, Thos, Eliz., and Judith GILLIAM.
Executor: nephew, Jas. H. Waugh.
Rec. Monday, 20 Jul, 1857
Witnesses: Danl. Shrader, Jas. T. Feagans, Martin E. Feagans and proved by them. Jas. Waugh qualified.
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 14, Page 395

20 Jul 1857
Administrator's Bond, Jas. GILLIAM,
Jas. H. Waugh
Bondsman: Danl. E. Bailey
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 14, Page 389

14 Sep 1857
Inventory of James GILLIAM
Jo. R. Ellis, Chas. L. Ellis, Peter Flood
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 14, Page 446

25 Nov 1857
Sale of James GILLIAM
D. E. Bailey and Jno. GILLIAM were buyers.
Monday, 19 Jul 1858.
Geo. O. Phillips and Jas. Waugh.
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 14, Page 591

21 Mar 1859
Sale of James GILLIAM
Jno. L. (S.) GILLIAM and D. E. Bailey were buyers.
Rec 21 Mar, 1859.
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 15, Page 97

20 Jan 1862
Guardian Bond
A. S. GILLIAM, as guardian of Jas. R. GILLIAM. No parent set forth
Bondsman: Mary E. Beck
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 16, Page 108

Witnesses, etc.
Sep 1811
Administrator’s Account of Estate of Nicholas C. Davies
By Nelson Crawford
Rec 21 Nov 1820
Jas. Davis, Garrret [Jarrett, see below] GILLIAM, Nathan Manson
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 6, page 199

20 Jan 1817
Division of Estate of Ashcraft Roach
To Rich. Burks, son of Davis, land next to Roderick McCulloch and Jno. GILLIAM, also Bedford tract on Reed Creek . . .
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 5, Page 631
[It has been incorrectly stated that John GILLIAM married a daughter of Ashcraft Roach. The division of his estate states that Richard Burks, son of Davis, receives land next to Roderick McCulloch AND Jno. GILLIAM, also Bedford tract on Reed Creek. There are nine legatees. John is not one of nine.]

17 Mar 1823 [Date of Survey, Ray appears to have died in 1827]
Division of Real Estate of Luke Ray
. . . Mansion house tract on both sides of road to Waugh’s Ferry and joins heirs of Maurice Morris, heirs of Jno Ellis, Thos Waugh, Wm H. McCulloch, Jas. GILLIAM, headwaters of Wilderness Creek. . . .
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 7, Page 198

17 Dec 1827
Division of real estate of Nicholas C. Davies
[Lands included Bedford tract next to Trent’s Ferry, 369 acres on both sides of Pedlar, northside of James, Buck Branch, Fishing Island, tract near town of Bethel, Holcomb Rock and Posimmon [sic] Island, Bedford land on Hunting Creek, land on Piney Mountain]
Commissioners: Martin Parks, Jas. Davies, Jarratt GILLIAM
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 7, page 94

19 Nov 1836
Guardian Bond, Josiah R. Ellis, et al.
Jno. D. Davis, guardian. Wards, Josiah R. and Charles S. Ellis, orphans of Jno. Ellis, deceased.
Bondsmen: Elliot Wortham, R. N. Eubank, Jas. GILLIAM
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 9, Page 277

Dec 1836
Division on order of the court of estate of Jno. Ellis
684 acres to Nancy Ellis, widow, on both sides of Maple Creek. Lines: Nichl Shumaker, Jas. and Mary GILLIAM, Th. N. Eubank, Rich S. Ellis, Micajah Pendleton, Eliot Wortham, Jarrat GILLIAM, Archelaus GILLIAMs. . . .
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 10, Page 42

20 Jan 1843
Inventory of Mrs. Sally Roach
Order of 1843, no Total
Thos. N. Eubank, Hazael Williams, Jno. D. Davis, Jas. GILLIAM
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 11, Page 262

19 Oct 1846
Administrator’s Bond for Saml. Davies
By Jno. D. Davis
Bondsmen: Nelson Tinsley, James GILLIAM, Geo. T. Pleasants
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 11, Page 448

4 Nov 1847
Will of William L. Newcome
Witnesses: Geo. Feagans, Jas. GILLIAM and Newton Drummond.
Amherst County, VA, Will Book 12, Page 30

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