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Updated March 13, 2016

Whereas information on this website is generally arranged geographically by County and then within in each County by type of source document—chancery causes, deeds, wills, etc., sometimes it is helpful to see all the GILLIAM references found in one particular type of source. This is what this page will attempt to do.

I will add information to this page as time permits.

Robert Alonzo Brock Collection
Gilliams of Brock Miscellaneous Files, 1655-1908

Census Records Compiled
Heads of Families 1782-1783
Heads of Families 1785
Gilliams of Virginia Found in the 1790 and 1800 Census Records of North and South Carolina
1810 Census
1840 Census
1850 Free Blacks
1860 Free Blacks
Mortality Schedules, 1850-1870

Chancery Files
The Chancery Records Index (CRI) is a result of archival processing and indexing projects overseen by the Library of Virginia (LVA) and funded, in part, by the Virginia Circuit Court Records Preservation Program (CCRP).
Gilliam defendants and plaintiffs.

Colonial Records Project
Colonial Records

Family Histories
Dr. R. A. Brock in the Richmond Standard, April 16, 1881, published a GILLIAM Family Genealogy. The genealogy traces the GILLIAM line of John of Prince George. To this article I have added my notes and corrections.

The Gilliams of John Boddie's Historical Southern Families, Volume 1. To this article I have added my notes and corrections.

Genealogical Data on the Ancestors of Richard Davenport Gilliam by Charles Edgar Gilliam

The First Known GILLIAM in Virginia
Colonial Records of Virginia contains a list of the names of "those slaine . . . 22 March, 1622 by plantations. Under the head of "At Martins Hundred some seaven miles from James Citie" is Christopher Guillam
[If this Christopher is related to any of the GILLIAMs that arrive later, it is not known. The given name Christopher does not appear in any early Virginia GILLIAM lines.]

In the year 1635 at least three ships carrying GILLIAMs arrived in the New World.

The Abigail left London, April to July 1635 with her master, Robert Hackwell, arriving in Massachusetts Bay.
The Passenger list of the Abigail.

According to Coldham, John Guilham, age 21, and Thomas Guilham, age 18, are listed as a fit persons to be transported to Virginia. They set sail on the George on 21 Aug 1635 from Gravesend, England.
Passenger list of the George

A month later (October 1635) a Wm Gillam, age 27, is bound to Virginia on the Constance.

Passenger list of the Constance
William apparently came to Virginia as a servant.
"Ambrose Calthorp of St. Dunstans in the West, Gent, age 33, deposes 4 Mar 1635/36, that he came passenger from Virginia in the John and Dorothy. He further deposes 16 May 1636, that on 11 Jan last, he had in the ship Constance then and now delayed at Ilfracomb
[ILFRACOMBE is a seaside resort on the N. coast of Devon] in her voyage to Virginia, four servants, namely William GILLIAM, John Elwood, Thomas Hudson, and William Hulett, of whom Hulett and Hudson have since run." It should be noted that Thomas Hodson and William Hulett are listed as passengers on the Constance along with William GILLIAM; John Elwood is not.

Passports contains data gleaned from Passport Applications of Virginia Gilliams.

Indentured Servants
Several GILLIAMs arrived as indentured servants. Indentured GILLIAMs whose destination was the West Indies—Barbados, Nevis, etc., have been included.

Land Records
GILLIAM Grants, Headrights and Bounds from Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volumes 1-7.
GILLIAM Grants, Headrights and Bounds from The Library of Virginia
1815 Landowner's Directory
Gilliams receiving land in Alabama
Gilliams receiving land in Ohio

GILLIAMs found in Hening's Statutes at Large.
Legislative Petitions
Gilliams of the Virginia State Legislative Photographs

Marriages by County
Marriages by First Name

Virginia's Colonial Soldiers
Revolutionary War Soldiers
Revolutionary War Muster Rolls
7th Regiment
Revolutionary War Publick Claims
Impressment or Robert Carter Gilliam
War of 1812
1812 Bounty Land
Gilliam Military Land Warrantees
Civil War Soldier by Regiment
Civil War Soldier by Name
USS Levant
Confederate Veterans and Widows
Confederate Amnesty Papers
Southern Claims
World War I Draft Registration Cards
World War I History Commission Questionnaires

Index to Obituary Notices in The Religious Herald, Richmond, Virginia 1828-1938

The Virginia Gazette

Place Names
Gilliam Place Names (names of Gilliam Estates and Plantations)

Pirates and Revolutionaries
The Pirate James Kelley alias Gilliam
Captain Zachariah Gillam of Boston

Gilliams of the Freedman's Savings and Trust

1860 Federal Slave Schedules
Slave Birth Index

Swem Historical Index
Gilliams of Historical Index

GILLIAMs of Virginia's Land and Property Tax Records
Gilliams of US IRS Tax Assessments

Virginia Genealogist
Gilliams of the Virginia Genealogist