Godparents of Albemarle Parish | Gilliams of Virginia

GILLIAM Parents and Godparents, Albemarle Parish
Transcribed from Register of Albemarle Parish Surry and Sussex Counties
Updated March 12, 2016

The GILLIAMs of Albemarle Parish are the descendants of John GILLIAM and his wife Margary. The name Hinchea, Hinche, Hinchy is exclusively found among these GILLIAMs. Several lines spread south into North Carolina, others headed west.
Maiden names do not appear in the Register. They have been extrapolated from a variety of sources.

Last Name Given Name Birth date Parents Godparents
Andrews Benjamin 10 Nov 1766 Henry Andrews & Lucy Clanton Benja Wyche, Richard Rose, Priscilla GILLIAM
Andrews Sally 25 Dec 1771 William Andrews & Anne John Land, Jr., Anne Magee, Anne GILLIAM
Banks Susanna 7 Jan 1739/40 James Banks & Anne Charles GILLUM, Catharine Mitchell, Frances Mathews
Barker Rebecca 24 Jun 1747 John Barker III & Elizabeth GILLIAM Benja Barker, Mary GILLIAM, Amy GILLIAM
Battle Frederick 1 Nov 1744 Thomas Battle & Mary Burrell GILLIAM, John King, Eliza Mabry
Bell George 11 Apr 1755 James Bell & Mildred George Robertson, William GILLIAM Jr., Susanna Banks
Bell Mildred Lucas 4 Jan 1768 James Bell & Mildred Isham GILLIAM, Abby Holt, Priscilla GILLIAM
Carlisle Mally (Molly) 2 Jan 1743/44 William Carlisle & Sarah Andrew Lester, Eliza Maggot, Eliza GILLIAM
Carter Malley 16 Jun 1760 Edward Carter & Agnes William Woodland, Betty GILLIAM, Mary Ezell
Clanton Drury 17 Aug 1744 John Clanton Sr. & Amey Wyche John GILLIAM, William Johnson, Hannah Wyche
Clanton Mely 27 Nov 1743 Nathanael Clanton & Mary Thomas Holt, Eliza GILLIAM, Mary Liles
Clanton Phoebe 12 Nov 1752 Nathanael Clanton & Mary Isham GILLIAM, Phoebe Lofting, Lucy Nusom
Clanton Reuben 26 Sep 1741 Nathanael Clanton & Mary John GILLUM, Charles GILLUM, Eliza Shelton
Clanton William 10 Apr 1757 Nathanael Clanton & Mary Hinchea GILLIAM, Edward Shelton, Agnes Battle.
Dansay William 4 May 1741 William Dansay Sr. & Mary John Mason, Jr., John GILLUM, Antheny [Sic] Hancock
Davis Gideon 14 Dec 1752 Absalom Davis & Anne Benja Harrison, Richard Felts, Priscilla GILLIAM
Denton William 3 Feb 1762 Joseph Denton & Rebeckah Daniel Eppes, Warwick GILMAN, Jr., Anne Eppes
Ezell Timothy 17 May 1771 Isham Ezell & Eliza Isham GILLIAM, Lewis Hutchins, Susanna Ezell
Felts Patty 24 Sep 1760 Richard Felts & Mary Lewis Dunn, Amy Felts, Agnes GILLIAM
Felts Sarah 10 Jun 1758 Richard Felts & Mary Nathaniel Felts, Sarah GILLIAM, Lucy Dun [Sic].
Felts William 5 Oct 1768 Richard Felts & Mary Edmund GILLIAM, William Roe, Anne Southard
Fort Betty 4 Apr 1745 John Fort & Rebecca John Thomas, Lucy Thomas, Anne GILLIAM
Freeman Henry 20 Dec 1753 Henry Freeman Jr. & Amy GILLIAM Levi GILLIAM, Jones Freeman, Priscilla Lofting
Freeman Lucy 12 Feb 1762 Henry Freeman Jr. & Amy GILLIAM William Gryffin, Elisa GILLIAM, Selah Rachel
Freeman Patty 30 Mar 1747 Henry Freeman Jr. & Amy GILLIAM Henchea GILLIAM, Mary Rachel, Mary GILLIAM
Freeman Peter 3 Oct 1739 Thomas Freeman & Mary John Gillen [Sic], Nathaniel Malone, Rebecca Gillen [Sic]
Freeman Prudence 1 Feb 1750 Henry Freeman Jr. & Amy GILLIAM Isham GILLIAM, Tabitha GILLIAM, Molly Freeman
Freeman Sarah 16 Dec 1741 Henry Freeman Jr. & Amy GILLIAM Burrel GILLUM, Mildrid GILLUM, Eliza Rolland
GILLIAM Anna 1 May 1757 Edmund GILLIAM & Sarah Magee David Magee, Anne Magee, Priscilla GILLIAM
GILLIAM Anne 3 Mar 1752 Burrell GILLIAM & Anne (Nancy) Johnson Anselm GILLIAM, Tabitha GILLIAM, Sarah Johnson.
GILLIAM Anne 6 Apr 1731 Hincha GILLIAM Jr. & Faith Briggs None Listed. Day And Month Not Listed.
GILLIAM Anne 7 Mar 1746 John GILLIAM & Ann Mason Burrell GILLIAM, Tabitha GILLIAM, Eliza Shelton
GILLIAM Anne 11 Nov 1760 Isham GILLIAM & Priscilla Loftin William Lofting, Tabitha Newsum, Martha Seaborn
GILLIAM Anselm 5 Feb 1754 Levy (Lewis) GILLIAM Sr. & Elizabeth John Rachel, Henry Freeman, Mary Liles
GILLIAM Burrell 27 Mar 1769 Edmund GILLIAM & Sarah Magee Bird Land, Richard Felts, Anne Southern
GILLIAM Burwell 20 Jan 1772 Isham GILLIAM & Priscilla Loftin Matthew Davis, William Thomas Pennington, Prudence Freeman
GILLIAM Carter 26 Oct 1763 Anselm GILLIAM & Martha Johnson Benjamin Seaborn, Fred Lofting, Martha GILLIAM
GILLIAM Charles 27 Jun 1759 Capt. William GILLIAM Jr. & Mary Richard Hill, Richard Jones, Jr., Sarah Hill
GILLIAM Charles 27 Mar 1766 Charles GILLIAM & Elizabeth Betty John Lofting, Burrell Lofting, Mary Suthard
GILLIAM Charles 29 May 1765 Edmund GILLIAM & Sarah Magee John Magee, John Hutchins, Patty Magee
GILLIAM David (Davy) 23 Jan 1763 Edmund GILLIAM & Sarah Magee Drury Magee, Arthur GILLIAM, Anne Magee
GILLIAM Drury 8 Feb 1769 Marcus GILLIAM & Frances Fanny Stewart Lucy Hern, William Hern, William Rives, Jr.
GILLIAM Edna 29 Nov 1764 Hinchea GILLIAM & Mary Johnson Jesse Williamson, Elisa Johnson, Judith Clark
GILLIAM Elizabeth 22 Oct 1755 John GILLIAM & Ann Mason Mason Bishop, Mary Glover, Rebecca Moss
GILLIAM Elizabeth 3 Dec 1761 Capt. William GILLIAM Jr. & Mary Joel Tucker, Judith Tucker, Mary Tucker
GILLIAM Elizabeth 16 Sep 1764 Charles GILLIAM & Martha (Patty) Felts? William Roe, Patty Magee, Pricilla GILLIAM
GILLIAM Elizabeth 7 Apr 1749 Jesse GILLIAM & Jane Nathanael Hood, Sarah Hood, Mary Rogers
GILLIAM Fortune 16 Jun 1742 Charles GILLIAM & Mary Nathanael Clanton, Mary GILLUM, Mildred GILLUM
GILLIAM Franky 22 Oct 1747 Burrell GILLIAM & Anne (Nancy) Johnson Henry Freeman Jr., Eliza Lofting, Martha Johnson
GILLIAM Gray-Hutchings 23 May 1765 Agnes GILLIAM Charles Long, Howell Cooper, Mely G_____
GILLIAM Harris 22 Apr 1756 Levy (Lewis) GILLIAM Sr. & Elizabeth Burrel Maclemore, Ephraim Clanton, Mary Rachel
GILLIAM Hinchea 31 Jul 1753 John GILLIAM & Ann Mason John Mason, David Mason, Mary Mason
GILLIAM Hinchea 30 Jul 1729 Hincha GILLIAM Jr. & Faith Briggs None Listed. Day And Month Not Listed.
GILLIAM Hinchea 17 Mar 1759 Hinchea GILLIAM Sr. & Amey Tatum None Listed. Day And Month Not Listed.
GILLIAM Howell Bef 14 Dec 1760 John GILLIAM & Ann Mason Holoman Southall, Wm Dansey Jr., Mary GILLIAM
GILLIAM Isham 25 Feb 1733/34 John GILLIAM & Sarah Battle? Nathanael Norwood, Jones Stokes, Elizabeth Felse? [Felts?]
GILLIAM John 29 Feb 1748/49 John GILLIAM & Ann Mason John Moore, William Acocke, Eliza Pritchet (Prichard)
GILLIAM John 22 Jan 1745/46 Hinchea GILLIAM & Mary Johnson Moses Johnson, John GILLIAM, Eliza Johnson
GILLIAM John 16 Feb 1755 Hinchea GILLIAM Sr. & Amey Tatum John Irby, Samuel Tatum, Anne Gilbert
GILLIAM John 14 Apr 1751 Charles GILLIAM & Mary Richard Felts, Samuel Longbottom, Amy Felts
GILLIAM John 29 Dec 1754 Capt. William GILLIAM Jr. & Mildred Hill Thomas Huson, Jr., William Eliot, Elisa Cain
GILLIAM John 12 Jun 1733 Hincha GILLIAM Jr. & Faith Briggs None Listed. Day And Month Not Listed.
GILLIAM John 19 Nov 1746 James GILLIAM & Amy John Rolland, John Farrington, Eliza Cotton
GILLIAM Jordan 2 Oct 1757 Charles GILLIAM & Mary David Clanton, David Magee, Lucy Dun
GILLIAM Levi 23 Jun 1758 Levy (Lewis) GILLIAM Sr. & Elizabeth Thomas Moore, Jr., Isham Ezell, Betty Rogers
GILLIAM Lucretia 17 Dec 1744 James GILLIAM & Amy Nathan Malone, Mary Eaves, Agatha Malone
GILLIAM Lucy 25 Mar 1748 Hinchea GILLIAM & Mary Johnson Burrel GILLIAM, Anne GILLIAM, Mary Rachel
GILLIAM Lucy 5 Jan 1757 Hinchea GILLIAM & Mary Johnson Anselm GILLIAM, Lucy Johnson, Mary Bell
GILLIAM Lucy 13 Oct 1751 Levy (Lewis) GILLIAM Sr. & Elizabeth Anselm GILLIAM, Rebecca Longbottom, Lydda GILLIAM
GILLIAM Lucy 22 Nov 1756 Hinchea GILLIAM Sr. & Amey Tatum None Listed.
GILLIAM Lucy (Suky?) 11 Jul 1742 Thomas GILLIAM Sr. & Mary Clements William Land, Mary GILLUM, Anne Norrington
GILLIAM Lydia 25 Nov 1744 Charles GILLIAM & Mary Robert Lane, Eliza GILLIAM, Sarah Maclamore
GILLIAM Lydia (Lydda) 27 Mar 1736 John GILLIAM & Sarah Battle? Sampson Newsom, Mary Lane, Faith Lane
GILLIAM Peggy 23 Mar 1759 Hinchea GILLIAM & Mary Johnson Lewis Dunn, Lydia Pennington, Elizabeth Johnson
GILLIAM Marjory 11 Apr 1768 Isham GILLIAM & Priscilla Loftin Anselm GILLIAM, Patty Freeman, Selah Rachel
GILLIAM Martha 4 Mar 1766 Anselm GILLIAM & Martha Johnson John Rachel.
GILLIAM Martha (Patty) 25 Nov 1745 Burrell GILLIAM & Anne (Nancy) Johnson Wm Johnson, Mary GILLIAM, Amy Freeman
GILLIAM Martha (Patty) 16 Nov 1746 Thomas GILLIAM Sr. & Mary Clements Samuel Northington, Tabitha GILLIAM, Eliza Pritchet
GILLIAM Mary 9 Dec 1743 John GILLIAM & Mary Joseph Mason, Phoebe Mason, Mary GILLUM
GILLIAM Mary 9 Feb 1752 Hinchea GILLIAM & Mary Johnson Cornelius Lofting, Mary Lofting, Amy Freeman
GILLIAM Mary 25 Jul 1740 Thomas GILLIAM Sr. & Mary Clements David Edmonds, Christian Edmonds, Eliza GILLUM
GILLIAM Mary 14 Aug 1771 Warwick GILMAN Jr. & Frances Joseph Denton, Rebecca Denton, Mary Jennings
GILLIAM Mary 21 Apr 1770 Charles GILLIAM & Elizabeth Betty John Cocke, Elisa GILLIAM, Priscilla GILLIAM
GILLIAM Miles 21 Feb 1759 Burrell GILLIAM & Anne (Nancy) Johnson Cornelius Lofting, Benja Harrison, Sarah Lofting
GILLIAM Moses 17 Nov 1756 Burrell GILLIAM & Anne (Nancy) Johnson Robert Magee, James Carter, Jr., Mary Rachel
GILLIAM Moses Johnson 23 Nov 1769 John GILLIAM & Mary Clanton John Clanton, William Roe, Patty Clanton
GILLIAM Nathaniel 11 Jan 1767 Marcus GILLIAM & Frances Fanny Stewart Mary Horn, William Stewart, Thomas Hall
GILLIAM Patty 19 Jul 1769 Isham GILLIAM & Priscilla Loftin Benjamin Phipps, Mary GILLUM, Abby Holt
GILLIAM Phoebe 14 Apr 1751 Charles GILLIAM & Mary Samuel Longbottom, Eliza Cooper, Priscilla Lofting
GILLIAM Priscilla 4 Feb 1749 Levy (Lewis) GILLIAM Sr. & Elizabeth Burril GILLIAM, Priscilla King, Lydia GILLIAM
GILLIAM Priscilla 1 Sep 1774 Isham GILLIAM & Priscilla Loftin Drury Stokes, Jemima Atkinson, Jemima Rachel
GILLIAM Rebecca 23 Nov 1754 Burrell GILLIAM & Anne (Nancy) Johnson Richard Johnson, Lucretia Johnson, Lucretia GILLIAM
GILLIAM Rebecca (Becky) 20 Jul 1763 Charles GILLIAM & Martha (Patty) Felts? Lewis Dunn, Fortune GILLIAM, Elisa Roe.
GILLIAM Richard 24 Oct 1757 Anselm GILLIAM & Martha Johnson Hinchea GILLIAM, Richard Johnson, Sarah Johnson
GILLIAM Robert 20 Jul 1761 Anselm GILLIAM & Martha Johnson Gregory Rawlings, ____ GILLIAM, Martha Seaborn
GILLIAM Samuel 9 Jul 1736 Hincha GILLIAM Jr. & Faith Briggs None Listed. Day And Month Not Listed.
GILLIAM Sarah 9 Mar 1755 Hinchea GILLIAM & Mary Johnson Richard Johnson, Elisa Lofting, Sarah Johnson
GILLIAM Sarah 5 Feb 1760 Edmund GILLIAM & Sarah Magee None Listed
GILLIAM Sarah 7 Nov 1751 Jesse GILLIAM & Jane John Ellis, Frances Williams, Faith Pennington
GILLIAM Sarah (Sally) Bef 16 Aug 1761 Levy (Lewis) GILLIAM Sr. & Elizabeth Jordan Knight, Sally Freeman, Agnes GILLIAM
GILLIAM Stephen 21 Jul 1759 Anselm GILLIAM & Martha Johnson Levi GILLIAM, Wm Lofting, Mary Bell
GILLIAM Suky 11 Sep 1743 James GILLIAM & Amy Thomas Mullins, Hannah Malone, Anne Mullins
GILLIAM Susannah (Suky) 12 Mar 1755 Edmund GILLIAM & Sarah Magee Robert Magee, Phoebe Loftin, Eliza Ezell.
GILLIAM Tempe 21 Feb 1771 John GILLIAM & Mary Clanton William Andrews, Anne And Elizabeth Andrews
GILLIAM Thomas 26 Sep 1744 Thomas GILLIAM Sr. & Mary Clements John Gray Edmonds, Drury Parker, Phyllis Edmonds.
GILLIAM William 1 Oct 1749 Burrell GILLIAM & Anne (Nancy) Johnson John Rachel, Francis Mabry, Amy Battle
GILLIAM William 30 Sep 1762 Arthur GILLIAM & Elizabeth Webb Robert Magee, Edmund GILLIAM, Sarah GILLIAM
GILLIAM William 1 Oct 1771 Marcus GILLIAM & Frances Fanny Stewart William Steward, Jr., John Hutchins, Amy Cook
GILLIAM William 5 Jan 1762 Hinchea GILLIAM Sr. & Amey Tatum None Listed. Day And Month Not Listed.
GILLIAM Winny 28 Mar 1762 Drury GILLIAM & Sarah Thomas Moore, Jr., Mary Bell, Phoebe Moore
GILLIAM Wyatt 6 Apr 1762 Burrell GILLIAM & Anne (Nancy) Johnson Hinchea GILLIAM, Isham GILLIAM, Mary GILLIAM
Graves Molly 22 Nov 1772 David Graves & Martha Moore William Graves, Rebekah Graves, Lucy GILLIAM
Graves Thomas 29 Jan 1748/49 Solomon Graves & Sarah William GILLIAM, John Curtis, Betty Winfield
Griffin Nancy 11 Jul 1762 William Griffin & Rebeckah John Land, Jr., Lydia GILLIAM, Molly Ezell
Hancock Clement 22 Aug 1770 William Hancock & Rebekah Jesse Williamson, John GILLIAM, Jr., Martha Peters
Hargrove John 6 Oct 1742 John Hargrove Sr. & Catherine Ralph Mcgee, John GILLUM, Anne Norrington
Harper Benjamin 3 Aug 1744 William Harper & Frances William GILLIAM, Thomas Butler, Eliza Jones
Hawthorn Sarah 25 Apr 1762 Joshua Hawthorn & Elisa Thomas Young, Jr., Elisa Doby, Ruth GILLIAM
Hight John 9 Oct 1747 William Hight & Anne John Wilkason, Warwick GILLIAM, Susanna Sykes
Hill Burrell 8 Apr 1748 John Hill Sr. & Mildred (Milly) GILLIAM Hinchea GILLIAM, Michael Hill, Tabitha GILLIAM
Hill Henry Dec 1762 Capt. Richard Hill Jr. & Margery GILLIAM William GILLIAM Jr., _____Evans, ______ Evans, Patty Dixon [Most Likely Uncle And Aunt Thomas Evans And Frances GILLIAM Evans]
Hill Howell Dec 1762 Capt. Richard Hill Jr. & Margery GILLIAM William GILLIAM Jr., _____Evans, ______ Evans, Patty Dixon [Most Likely Uncle And Aunt Thomas Evans And Frances GILLIAM Evans]
Hill Mary 14 Jan 1743 John Hill Sr. & Mildred (Milly) GILLIAM Moses Johnson, Jr., Mary GILLIAM, Anne Johnson
Hill Richard 18 May 1754 Capt. Richard Hill Jr. & Margery GILLIAM William GILLIAM, William GILLIAM, Jr., Eliza Mary Tyus.
Hines Anne 9 Aug 1751 Richard Hines & Mary Ralph Magee, Anne Magee, Tabitha GILLIAM
Holt Betsy 21 Nov 1767 Nathaniel Holt & Abby Clanton Charles Holt, Priscilla GILLIAM, Mary Clanton
Hood Henry 3 Apr 1749 Nathanael Hood & Sarah Jesse GILLIAM, John King, Jane GILLIAM
Hood John 9 Jun 1754 Thomas Hood & Mary Warwick GILMAN, Joseph Denton, Ruth GILMAN
Hunt Miles 24 Aug 1770 John Hunt & Sarah John Hargrave, Jr., Samuel Clifton, Selah GILLIAM
Hutchins Mary-GILLIAM 15 Nov 1769 Howell Hutchins & Lydia GILLIAM John Sledge, Aggy GILLIAM, Betsy Southard
Jackson GILLIAM 22 Jan 1767 Robert Jackson & Jane GILLIAM Richard ______
Jackson Reuben 5 Jun 1753 Robert Jackson & Mary William GILLIAM, Jr., Lewis Tyus, Eliza Tyus
Johnson John 15 Jun 1772 Waddill Johnson & Aggy Pennington Isham GILLIAM, David Graves, Mary Williamson
Johnson Mary 11 Feb 1753 Lewis Johnson & Elizabeth Moore Thomas Moore, Jr., Mary Gillium, Anne Harrison
Johnson Peggy 23 Nov 1757 Lewis Johnson & Elizabeth Moore Levi GILLIAM, Lucy Johnson, Eliza GILLIAM
Johnson William 4 Dec 1762 Richard Johnson & Lucy (Suky?) GILLIAM John GILLIAM, Thos. GILLIAM, Jr., Sarah Johnson
Justice Elizabeth 7 Oct 1751 John Justice & Elizabeth Levi GILLIAM, Anne Magee, Sarah Roe
King Mason 22 May 1749 Richard King & Elizabeth Jesse GILLIAM, David Stokes, Eliza Hill
Knight Lewis 20 Dec 1763 John Knight & Elizabeth Levi GILLIAM, William Newsum, ____ Freeman
Knight Mary 3 Feb 1770 Jordan Knight & Elizabeth Curtis Land, Mary Rachel, Lucretia GILLIAM
Land Mely 10 Aug 1747 Curtis Land & Priscilla Jonathan Williams, Mary GILLIAM, Amy GILLIAM
Land Priscilla 3 Mar 1752 Curtis Land & Priscilla Burril GILLIAM, Agnes Battle, Phoebe Lofting
Land William 2 Nov 1749 Carter Land & Priscilla William Longbottom, Levi GILLIAM
Loftin Burrell 27 Oct 1744 William Loftin Sr. & Mary GILLIAM Hinchea GILLIAM, William Land, Rebecca Mab__ [Mabry?]
Loftin David 2 Sep 1752 Cornelius Loftin & Elizabeth Johnson Richard Johnson, Burrell GILLIAM, Lydia GILLIAM.
Loftin Fanny 8 Feb 1770 Frederick Loftin & Judith Burrel Loftin, Priscilla GILLIAM, Betsy GILLIAM
Loftin Frederick 14 Feb 1741/42 William Loftin Sr. & Mary GILLIAM Thomas GILLIAM, Thomas Wiggins, Mary GILLIAM
Loftin Henry 5 Feb 1773 Frederick Loftin & Judith Isham GILLIAM, William Lofting, Jr., Anne Moore
Loftin James 17 Jul 1764 William Loftin Jr. & Elizabeth Newsum Frederick Lofting, Drury GILLIAM, Agnes Battle
Loftin Margaret 7 Feb 1772 Burrell Loftin & Sarah Isham GILLIAM, Jemima Rachel, Lucy GILLIAM
Loftin Martha 17 Sep 1739 William Loftin Sr. & Mary GILLIAM William Dun, Any GILLUM, Lucy Dun
Loftin Mary Abt 1762 William Loftin Jr. & Elizabeth Newsum Anselm GILLIAM, Priscilla GILLIAM, Mary Loftin
Loftin Moses 7 Sep 1746 Cornelius Loftin & Elizabeth Johnson Moses Johnson, Hinchea GILLIAM, Mary Judkins
Loftin Patty 22 Apr 1754 Cornelius Loftin & Elizabeth Johnson Isham GILLIAM, Eliza Avery, Eliza Johnson.
Loftin Phoebe 20 Apr 1763 William Loftin Jr. & Elizabeth Newsum Isham GILLIAM, Anne Wren, Mely Clanton
Loftin Sarah 7 Oct 1744 Cornelius Loftin & Elizabeth Johnson Moses Jackson [Johnson?], Jr., Anne Johnson, Mary GILLIAM
Longbottom Martha 16 Mar 1772 William Longbottom & Rebeckah Charles Mabry, Martha Freeman, Agnes GILLIAM
Magee Ann Nancy 13 Apr 1769 Drury Magee & Fortune GILLIAM John GILLIAM, Mary Southard, Anne Southard
Magee Anne 14 Apr 1747 Ralph Magee Sr. & Anne Clanton? Burrill GILLIAM, ________, May Dun
Magee Becky 17 Jan 1769 Robert Magee & Priscilla ___ Hutchings, Mary Southern, Aggy GILLIAM
Magee Drury 9 Nov 1771 Drury Magee & Fortune GILLIAM Wm Magee, Ephraim Huchins, Phoebe GILLIAM
Magee GILLIAM 21 Nov 1766 Drury Magee & Fortune GILLIAM Edmund GILLIAM, Burrel Loftin, Rebeckah ______
Magee John 23 Oct 1774 Drury Magee & Fortune GILLIAM John GILLIAM, William Longbottom, Elisa Southard
Magee Judith 3 Aug 1765 Robert Magee & Priscilla Anselm GILLIAM, Anna Magee, Sarah Horn
Magee Lucy 5 May 1763 Robert Magee & Priscilla Burrel GILLIAM, Amy Maclamore, Martha Seaborn
Magee Mally 14 Apr 1764 Drury Magee & Fortune GILLIAM John Magee, Agnes GILLIAM, Anne Magee
Magee Martha 25 Feb 1770 William Magee & Martha (Patty) Felts? Richard Felts, Suky Felts, Jane Lane
Magee William 13 Dec 1752 Ralph Magee Sr. & Anne Clanton? David Clanton, Edmund GILLIAM, Aggy Clanton
Mannery John 15 Aug 1741 Henry Mannery & Mary Gregory Rawlings, Richard Wiggins, Eliza Gillen [Sic]
Mason John 28 Feb 1771 John Mason & Elizabeth Nathaniel Newsum, Ephraim Hutchings, Martha GILLIAM
Maybry Amy 9 Dec 1740 Charles Maybry & Rebecca Simon Gale, Amy Freeman, Mary GILLUM
Mclemore Malley 24 Jul 1760 Burrell Mclemore & Amy William Hills, Mary Knight, Mary Harwood
Mclemore Sally 2 Jun 1754 Burrell Mclemore & Amy Robert Magee, Sarah GILLIAM, Lydia Magee
Moore Charles 24 Mar 1758 Thomas Moore Jr. & Phoebe Isham GILLIAM, Gregory Rawlings, Anna Moore
Moore Mary 28 Sep 1770 Thomas Moore Jr. & Phoebe Barham Moore, Sally GILLIAM, Sally Lofting
Moore Susanna 14 May 1775 Thomas Moore Jr. & Phoebe Benjamin Seaborn, Mary Stewart, Mary GILLIAM
Moore William 27 Feb 1744/45 Thomas Moore Sr. & Mary John GILLIAM, John Rachel, Anne Phillips
Mullins John 11 Aug 1743 Thomas Mullins & Anne James Brown, James Gillin [Sic], Mary Brown
Newsum Charles 12 Feb 1744/45 Thomas Newsum Jr. & Tapenas Holt John Clanton, Henry Pritchard, Mary GILLIAM
Owen Baalim 3 Apr 1756 David Owen & Mary William Rowland, James Cain, Jr., Eliza GILLIAM
Pare Elizabeth 13 Nov 1761 William Pare & Jane Joseph Dobey, Kesiah Tatum, Anne GILLIAM
Parham Nancy-Lucas 7 Mar 1769 William Parham & Martha Nathaniel Parham, Mary GILLIAM, Rebekah Lucas
Parham Rebecca 29 Mar 1752 Ephraim Parham & Rebecca Wm Green, Mildred GILLIAM, Jane Parham
Partin James 24 Sep 1755 William Partin & Joanna John GILLIAM, John Pare, Anne GILLIAM
Pennington Jane-Green 8 Feb 1765 David Pennington & Lydia GILLIAM Anselm GILLIAM, Martha Clanton, Selah Rachel
Pennington Marcus 25 Oct 1744 John Pennington & Mary James Sansenick, John GILLIAM, Jane Andrews
Pennington Ned 22 Jun 1763 David Pennington & Lydia GILLIAM Joshua Pennington, John GILLIAM, Eliza Moore
Pennington Nelson 25 Jul 1767 David Pennington & Lydia GILLIAM William Wrenn, Richard Hamlin, Eliza GILLIAM
Pennington Polly 21 Jun 1771 David Pennington & Lydia GILLIAM Burrill Loften, Lucy GILLUM, Ruth Freeman
Pennington Tempe 27 Mar 1769 David Pennington & Lydia GILLIAM John GILLIAM, Betty Clopton, Peggy Newsum
Pritchard Elisa-Bredon 22 Feb 1764 Thomas Pritchard & Mary Charles Williams, Elisa GILLIAM, Betty Moore
Pritchard Thomas-Moore 25 Jul 1768 Thomas Pritchard & Mary John Cocke, William Horne, Agnes GILLIAM
Rachael Hinchie 11 Jun 1751 John J. Rachael & Mary GILLIAM Hinchea GILLIAM, William Rogers, Mary Rogers
Rachael John 26 Sep 1746 John J. Rachael & Mary GILLIAM John GILLIAM, Burrell GILLIAM, Eliza Lofting
Rachael Levi 19 Jan 1756 John J. Rachael & Mary GILLIAM Levi GILLIAM, James Bell, Eliza Rogers
Rachael Mary 30 Sep 1749 John J. Rachael & Mary GILLIAM Thomas GILLIAM, Amy Freeman, Anne GILLIAM
Rachael Nathaniel 15 Jun 1758 John J. Rachael & Mary GILLIAM Nathl Clanton, Andrew Troughton, Mary GILLIAM
Rachael Sarah 7 Sep 1741 William Rachael & Lorella David Stokes, Eliza GILLEN [Sic], Cecilia Stokes
Raines Jefferson 10 Nov 1744 William Raines & Angelica William GILLIAM, Jr., John Freeman, Anne Oliver, Elizabeth Holloway
Raines William 10 Feb 1762 Robert Wynne Raines & Jane Francis Eppes, Wm. Mitchell, Mary GILLIAM
Rawlings Gregory 5 Jan 1759 Gregory Rawlings & Sarah Lewis Johnson, Anselm GILLIAM, Agnes Newsum
Roberts Benjamin 8 Aug 1749 Willet/Willard Roberts Sr. & Faith Briggs John Andrews, William Waller, Jane Bane
Roberts Mary 9 Apr 1741 Willet/Willard Roberts Sr. & Faith Briggs Andrew Lister, Elisa Ellis, Phoebe Johnson
Roberts Sarah 17 Jul 1743 Willet/Willard Roberts Sr. & Faith Briggs John Irby, Anne Ruffin, Mary Mechum
Roberts Willet/Willard 15 May 1746 Willet/Willard Roberts Sr. & Faith Briggs Nathanael Briggs, Thomas Bryan, Anne GILLIAM
Robertson Isaac 17 Jan 1744/45 Isaac Robertson & Mary John Freeman, Jr., Charles Delahay, Rebecca GILLIAM
Roe Drury 23 May 1770 William Roe & Martha Patty Clanton John GILLIAM, John Land, Jr., Elisa Rogers
Rogers Richard 7 Aug 1768 Jesse Rogers & Faith Joseph Wren, John Ezell, Jr., Priscilla GILLIAM
Seaborn Christopher 8 May 1760 Benjamin Seaborn & Martha Thomas Moore, Jr., Anselm GILLIAM, Lucy Dowdy
Smith Peggy 28 Nov 1767 Lawrence Smith & Mary Benjamin Hill, Lucy GILLIAM, Sally Andrews
Sorsby Henry 18 Dec 1762 Benjamin Sorsby& Elizabeth Jesse Rogers, Howell Cooper, Fortune GILLIAM
Sorsby Allen 1751 Benjamin Sorsby& Elizabeth John Pennington, Jesse GILLIAM
Southworth Charles 22 Feb 1765 Mr. Southworth & Mary William Lofting Jr., Lewis Dunn, Mary GILLIAM
Stevens Thomas 25 Jul 1739 John Stevens & Anne Washington John GILLIAM, Richard Barker, Anne GILLIAM
Stokes Richard 17 Apr 1771 Thomas Stokes & Anne William Stewart Jr., Jesse Sturdivant, Lucy GILLIAM
Sturdivant William 4 Oct 1748 John Sturdivant & Eliza William Weathers, Warwick GILMAN, Agnes Malone
Turner Sarah 10 Sep 1754 John Turner & Rebecca Burrell GILLIAM, Agnes Battle, Amy Felts.
Tyus Pamela 15 Nov 1765 Benjamin Tyus & Elizabeth Williamson John Hargrove Jr., Martha GILLIAM, Sylvia Tyus
Weathers Edmond 26 Dec 1771 Michael Weathers & Faith Warneck (Warwick?) GILMAN, Timothy Ezell, Frances GILMAN
Webb Anne 21 Dec 1755 Robert Webb & Elizabeth William GILLIAM, Mary GILLIAM, Fortune Hunt
Webb Micajah 4 Apr 1741 Charles Webb & Elizabeth Barker Charles GILLUM, Henry Freeman, Eliza Webb
Webb Robert 8 Nov 1761 Robert Webb & Elizabeth John Judkins, Lewis Johnson, Martha GILLIAM
Webb Sarah 10 Mar 1754 Robert Webb & Elizabeth Levi GILLIAM, Mary Judkins, Mary Lofting
Whittington Cornelius 24 Apr 1740 John Whittington & Sarah Burril GILLIAM, Thomas Battle, Winnifred Woodroffe
Williams Thomas 10 Jun 1768 Charles Williams & Elisa James Williams, Robert Whitehead, Lucy GILLIAM
Williamson Joseph 16 Sep 1774 Jesse Williamson & Mary Wm. White, Thomas Stokes, Priscilla GILLIAM
Williamson Rebekah 21 Jun 1769 Jesse Williamson & Mary Isham GILLIAM, Sarah Graves, Mary Rachel Jr. [Sic]
Wingfield Harris-GILLIAM 19 Oct 1760 Robert Winfield & Frances GILLIAM Abraham Winfield, Thomas Tyus, Susanna Winfield
Wren Jemmy 8 Jun 1771 Joseph Wren & Anne Nathaniel Newsum, Levi GILLIAM, Jemima Rochel
Wynne Sally 8 Dec 1758 Mathew Wynne & Sarah Stith Parham, Anne GILLIAM, Lucretia Nunn
Zell Becky 26 May 1767 Peter Zell & Amy Drury Parton, Patty GILLIAM, Anne Burr

  • Register of Albemarle Parish Surry and Sussex Counties, 1739-1778, National Society Colonial Dames of America