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Richard Holland GILLIAM Bible
Updated March 16, 2020

Transcription of Bible of Richard Holland Gillam from originals.

Richard Holland Gilliam, 1st April 1809
Virginia Catherine Holman Gilliam, 12th Sept 1819
William Edward Gilliam, son of Richd and Virginia C. Gilliam, 20th July 1848
(Son of V C & R H G) Richard Lee Gilliam, 13th July 1850
Mary Page Hobson Gilliam, wife of R H Gilliam
Louisa Thomas Flippen 5th Jany 1840
[Daughter of Mary Page Hobson and her first husband Thomas Daniel Flippen, step daughter of Richard Holland Gilliam]
Glover Daniel Gilliam, son of Richd H & M P Gilliam, 19th Apl 1855
Benjn Hobson Gilliam, 10th July 1856
Floyd H Gilliam (Son of M P & R H Gilliam) 24th Decr 1857
Marrion Gilliam son of M P & R H Gi 22d April 1858

Richard Gilliam, 2nd Augs 1839
[Richard Holland Gilliam]
Virginia Elizabeth Gilliam, 9th June 1847
[daughter of William Gilliam and Eliza G. Gilliam]
Elizabeth Gilliam, March 1849
[Elizabeth A. Glover]
Virginia C. Gilliam, 18th October 1851
[Virginia Catherine Holman]
Doct Glover D. Gilliam, 22nd Sept 1852
Eliza G. Anderson, 7th May 1853
[Elizabeth Glover Gilliam]
Ann Virginia Gilliam daughter of R H. & M P Gilliam, 29th July 1855, aged 3 months, & 10 days
Glover Daniel Gilliam, son of R H & M P Gilliam, 3rd Decr 1855, aged 2 years, 1 month, & 11 days
Benjamin Hobson Gilliam son of R H & M P Gilliam, 1st October 1857, aged 1 year, 2 mo, 20 days
Marrion Gilliam son of M P and R H Gilliam 20th Aug 1859, age 3 mos & 18 days
Mary Page Gilliam, 22nd Sept 1860, her infant was born dead on 19th
[Mary Page Hobson]
Lucy C. Oliver, 31st March 1861
[Lucy C. Gilliam]
Sally W. Neighbours, 20th Jun 1871
[Sally W. Gilliam]
Edward J. Gilliam died suddenly on the 25th of March 1875 aged 77 years
Nancy Gilliam died 29th March 1877 (Wife of E. J. Gilliam)
[Nancy Talbot]