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Gilliams of Randolph's Creek
Updated March 16, 2020

The descendants of James Gilliam, Sr. of Cumberland settle along Randolph's Creek.

Elizabeth Gilliam paid taxes from 1816 to 1840, being a non-resident in the years after 1829.
[Elizabeth is the widow of Charles M. Gilliam, Sr., daughter of Drury Woodson]

In 1816 Elizabeth Gilliam purchased 7 acres on Randolph’s Creek from E. Farmer.
[In 1810 a John Farmer lived in Buckingham, in 1820 there does not appear to be anyone named Farmer]

In 1821 Elizabeth Gilliam is listed as living on Cartersville Road.

From 1826 to 1833, Elizabeth Gilliam is listed as living adjacent to John B. Sadler.

From 1827 to 1830, Elizabeth Gilliam is listed as living adjacent to Drury Woodson’s property.
[Drury Woodson, Jr., brother of Elizabeth Gilliam.]

In 1830 Albert Gilliam purchased from D. Guerrant, 201 acres in Buckingham County.
[A Daniel Guerrant is listed in 1830 Buckingham Census. Daniel Guerrant married Elizabeth Ellis, widow of Robert Moseley. Elizabeth was the daughter of Ellis Putney and step daughter of Elizabeth Gilliam.]

In 1838, E. Shores sold 7 acres on Cartersville Road to Drury Woodson
[Elizabeth Woodson Gilliam Putney married Thomas Shores in 1828. Drury Woodson was her brother.]

Elizabeth Gilliam from 1841 to 1844 paid taxes.

Elizabeth Gilliam’s estate paid taxes from 1845 to 1861.
[Should this read 1854? Elizabeth Gilliam’s Will is dated 23 Jan 1854?]

In 1851 Elizabeth Gilliam sold 6 acres to W. W. Gordon for tax.
[In 1850 Rockingham County Census a W. W. Gordon is listed as age 19, apparently a student at VMI for it is written on that census page “W. W. Gordon took first honors at M. Institute.”]

Albert N. Gilliam paid taxes from 1851 to 1856; his estate paid taxes from 1857 to 1861.
[Albert Gilliam’s will is dated 4 Sep 1854]

From 1857 to 1859, Albert N. Gilliam’s estate was located at Gilliamsville on Cartersville Road.

In 1861 Albert N. Gilliam’s estate sold a tract of land to Josiah Boatwright; this tract was sold by Robert H. Johnson and wife.
[Under Johnson heading: Robert H. Johnson and wife sold in 1861 207 acres of Albert P. [sic] Gilliam estate to Josiah A. Boatright. This 207 acres appears to be the 201 purchased by Albert N. Gilliam in 1830 from Daniel Guerrant. Robert H. Johnson and wife Louisa and Josiah Boatwright, may be found in 1860 Buckingham Census.]

In 1861 Elizabeth Gilliam’s [estate?] land is in tract of Joseph C. Davidson.
[Jos. C. Davidson is listed as overseer in 1860 Buckingham Census. In 1860 Watkins P. Riddle, trustee for Martha Riddle and Fleming Bagby purchased 70 acres on Cartersville Road from Joseph C. Davidson. Martha Riddle is the sister of Elizabeth Gilliam and Drury Woodson, above.]


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