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Buckingham County, VA Personal Property Tax List, 1782
Updated March 18, 2020

Charles Patteson's list, dated 10 April 1782

Charles Patteson, George Coats, overseer, slaves named Frank, Jerry, Ned, Isham, Anthony, Nell, Amey, Sam, Phill, Will, Isham, Caesor, Alse, Silvey, James. (2 white men over 21, 9 tithes total)

Francis Neightbours, Jno. Neighbours (1 white man over 21, 2 tithes total)

Mark Doss, Negroes Anny (or Amy), Dave, Tom, Ben, Sarah (1 white man, 2 tithes total)

John Doss (son of Mark)

James Doss

Silas Whorley

John Pritchard

John Pendleton, Negroes Mimey & Isaac

John Doss (Son Tom)

Estate Thos. Doss

Frederick Miller

Benjamin Pendleton, Negro Patt

William Bumpass, Negro's Joe, Will, Jerry, Jeff & James (total of 3 tithes)

Sarah Birks (no tithes charged, no other names listed)

Estate of Charles Birks, Cloe, Ned, Phillis, Sue (1 tithe)

Notly (Notty?) Gordon

Samuel Bailey

Rebecca Coleman, Cuff, George, James, Sanko, Hannah, Sarah (5 tithes)

Ashford Napier, Negro Henry (1 tithe paid)

Thomas Williamson & Wm. Williamson (1 man over 21, 2 tithes paid)

Christian Staples, Negro's Jack & Sarah (0 white men over 21, 2 tithes paid)
John Staples

William Staples

William Jennings

Thomas Smith, Negros Nanny, Hanah, Lucy (2 tithes)

Jesse Layne

Samuel Ridgeway

Joseph Bradley (1 man 21+ but 2 tithes paid, no other names listed)

Andrew Turner

John Birks & Negro Beck (2 tithes)

Major Lewis (Levy Free) (0 tithes)

John Coleman Negro Sam, Jesse Coleman (1 man over 21, 3 tithes)

James Beckham, Negros Hanner, Charles, Dickey (2 tithes paid)

Leroy Upshaw, James, Violet, Jany, Abram, Phillis (4 tithes)

William GILLIAM & Chloe (2 tithes)

William Bradley

Rogert Roggers (0 white men over 21, 1 tithe paid)

John Turner

William Beckham

John Harris, Bate & Jane (2 tithes)

Edward Doss

David Staples

John Bradley

John McMannaway

Richard Carver (0 men over 21, 1 tithe paid)

Charles Layne, Edw'd Layne (1 man over 21, 2 tithes)

William Doss (0 men over 21, 1 tithe charged)

Isaac Smith, Peter & Chloe (3 tithes)

Isaac Staples, Garland Staples, Isaac Staples jr. (1 man 21+, 3 tithes paid)

Charles Witt (levy free) -- no tithe paid

James Thomas

Samuel Staples, Harri (?), Frank, Dinah, Milly, Dina, Tom, Ben, Moll, Cate & Nan (5 tithes)

Richard Lee (levy free) -- no tithe paid

William Walker

Randolph Walker

Henry Godsey

John Ferguson

Obediah Farguson [sic]

William Maxey

William McDoul

Frances Walker list, John Hoggatt, Tom, Harry, Tom, Dinah, Dilcey, Lucy, Sabrah, Dan'l,

James Aldexander Martin (1 white man 21+, 7 tithes)

William Gaits (?), Dick, Amey & Nell (2 tithes)

Gresham Lee, Dinah, Hampton, Phillis, Joe, Fan (or Tom), Agg (2 tithes)

Mary Pattison list: John Strange, Daniel, Dick, Pompy, Nanney, Rachel, Jack, Lewis, George, Jordan [this might be one name: George Jordan], Milley, Squire, Agge & Abram (6 tithes, of which one is a white male over 21.)

Richard North, Joe & Rachel (2 tithes)

James Walker, Isaac Chandler, Obed. Jenkins, will, Cate, Ceasar, Judah, Milley, Tamer, Sarah, Pat, Friday, Judah, Moes & Adam (2 white males over 21, 7 tithes total)

Silas Watkins, Will, toby, Sue, Doll, James, Moss [perhaps one name: James Moss], Adam, Nance, Crety (1 white man 21+, 5 tithes)

Green Berry Green & Margatt (1 tithe charged)

Thomas Bell

Joseph Bell

Richard Routon, James Routon, George, Pippen (tax free) [it is Pippen who is tax free] (3 tithes)

James Coleman, Amey, Bob, Moses, Matt, Lucindy & Jude (3 tithes)

Philip Pack, Sally (2 tithes)

William Martin

John Bailes

Julas Davenport

William GILLIAM, John GILLIAM, David GILLIAM (1 over 21, 3 tithes total)

William Pack

Joseph Brown

Thomas Gregory, Mike, Jacob (3 tithes)

William Canett [unclear]

Joseph Childress

John Childress

James Johns, Harry, Juda, Chloe (3 tithes)

Gideon Crews

James Crews

Charles Thurman

Nehemiah Eva_ (L or T at the end)

Joel Farguson, John Whitaker (2 men over 21, 2 tithes)

James Matthews

Wilson Brown

William Phelps, Sarah, Dinah, Phebe, Alce, Amy, Nann, Isaac, Jacob (1 white man 21+. 2 tithes charged)

Estate of John Patteson, dec'd; Jack, Simon, Cate, Dick, Sue, Jenny, Hannah, Bristow, Betty, Ciss, Judah, Janey, Nancy, James (14 slaves total of which 9 are tithable)

Estate of John Patteson, Fan, Cate, Sam, Isham, Leonard, Ambros, Dilcy, Isbel, Rachel, Amey, Phebe, Rody, Sarah, Dicey (or Dissy). (a total of 14 slaves, none tithable)

Peter Field Turpin list: Henry Tuggle, Nath, Toby, Dinah, Robin, Cate, Sall, Dafney, Jess, Darcos, Tom, Bob, Ledia, Selah, Nancy (1 white male, 7 tithes, 14 slaves total)

Henry Tuggall's list (no tithes charged, 3 horses)

Samuel Staples jun'r.

Henry Morris, Negro's Jack, Nan (2 tithes)

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