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Will of Richard C. GILLIAM
Dated 18 Jan 1855
Buckingham County, VA
Updated March 18, 2120

I Richard C. GILLIAM of the County of Buckingham and State of VA do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following. To wit. I direct that my executors hereinafter named shall pay all my just debts from the proceeds of my estate as soon after my death as convenient.

Item 1st. I give to my beloved wife Mary GILLIAM my home tract of land on which I now live and the following named negroes, Isaac, Ben, Milly, Delbert, & Jinny; all my household & kitchen furniture, one Barouch [?], one ox cart, and as much of my stock of all kinds, and plantation Tools as she may deem sufficient for her during her natural life.

Item 2nd. I give to my son Isham R. GILLIAM my tract of land on Duckers Creek containing above three hundred acres and one negro Boy Stephen, and my smith’s Tools & one thousand dollars which I have advanced to him, nevertheless (he is to pay back back into my estate three hundred dollars at the last division of my estate) the balance to have & to hold to him and his heirs forever.

Item 3rd. I give to my daughter Adline one negro woman Caroline and one thousand dollars which I have advanced to her, and eighteen hundred dollars to be paid out of my estate, or to my other children.

Item 4th. I will that all property heretofore advanced by me to my sons John C. GILLIAM, Spencer GILLIAM, Clayton GILLIAM and my daughters Judith, Martha, Nancy, Mary, Sally, and Ardena be now confirmed to them forever.

Item 5th. I will that all property belonging to my Estate and not otherwise disposed of be sold after my death and the money arising therefrom with all other moneys belonging to my Estate be collected by my Executors and that they then divide it between all my Daughters that may then be living and the children (the heirs of the Boddys) [sic] of those that are dead, the heirs to receive jointly the portion that their mother would be entitled to in the following manner, viz. To my daughter Judith twenty-one hundred dollars, and to the children of my daughter Martha to wit, William, Robert & Sally Ann Davis nineteen hundred dollars to be equally divided between them and to the children of Nancy Routon To wit. Elizabeth D, [?] three hundred dollars, and to James, William, Robert, Frederick Mary & Martha two hundred dollars each; and to Spencer GILLIAM as Trustee for the benefit of Otway Hix, the son of my daughter Sally eighteen hundred which amount is to be paid to him when he arrives at the age of twenty one years, but should he die before he arrives to that age, then that sum to be equally divided between all my children, or their heirs, the heirs to receive jointly as before, and to the children of Mary McCraw, To wit. Richard M. & William E. [?], twenty one hundred dollars, to be equally divided between them and to Spencer GILLIAM as Trustee for the benefit of my Daughter Ardena Hix twenty one hundred dollars But should she die without an heir (of her Boddy) then this sum shall be divided as above, to my children or their heirs, nevertheless should she have an heir (of her boddy) and she and the heir live twelve months thereafter, then the Trustee shall give her possession of her property to have and to hold to her and her heirs forever. and I will to the children of my son John C. GILLIAM To wit, Richard, Harriett & Ann Eliza nine hundred dollars to be equally divided between them. should there not be money enough arising from the final sale of my property to pay those several amts. then each legatee shall receive proportionately. I will that after the death of my wife, my home Tract of Land, negro slaves, and all other property left to her, together with any and all property belonging to my estate be sold by my Executors upon such time as they may deem best and after they shall have collected the money arising therefrom, they then pay over so much as will make the above amount to each legatee and should there then be a ballence [sic] that shall be equally divided between all my children or their heirs as before.

And lastly I nominate and appoint my sons Spencer GILLIAM and Isham R. GILLIAM my Executors to this my last will an [sic] testament, and request that they shall not be required to give Security. In testimony hereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this the 18th day of January one thousand eight hundred & fifty five signed sealed and delivered

Sig: Richard C. GILLIAM

In the presents [sic] of

Wit. John R. GILLIAM, William Gills, Wyatt Smith


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